Why use email marketing services?

Why use email marketing services?

If you are a small business you are likely using Email Marketing services to maintain and grow your audience, as in business growth. If you haven’t, then it is highly suggested you do. According to Experian, “for every $1 spent, $44.25 is the average return on E-Mail Marketing investment.” This alone should encourage you to use Email Marketing. Email has become a common form of communication and an effective way to connect with your audience. Here are some reasons why every business should use Email Marketing.

–       Reach your readers: Not everyone uses Social Media but everyone uses e-mails, so a newsletter-style e-mail that contains your latest news and updates and even promotions can help you reach your audience. Adding call-to-actions in the newsletter can allow readers to click to your website and allowing them to become “fans”,  “like”, or “share” your Social media accounts.

–       Update your readers: Your dedicated readers will be able to get your latest updates on your business. Targeted Email Marketing is a great way to reach your audience, assuming you know your audience. If not, get to know them.

–       Email Marketing Campaigns: promote giveaways, events, or products. Each campaign should alert your readers of these happenings at least once a month to keep them interested and to remind them you are alive.

–       Effective Emails: You’ll need a strong design, appealing graphics and images. Custom Email templates works best as it allows you to design a template from scratch to any layout or style to your liking. All Email Marketing software provides Email templates for those who may lack extensive design experience. Their provided Email template can be altered and arranged to your satisfaction. In general be certain to have appealing images.

–       “Email Marketing is spam.”: This is a false statement. We encourage businesses to send no more than two Email newsletters a month to avoid spam-like Emails. Readers have the option to opt out and unsubscribe to your e-mails. Rule of thumb, do not send more than two Email newsletters a month and be certain your Email content is straight to-the-point and is well-designed!


Email Marketing Tips:


–       Strong subject lines are what draw your readers to open the Email in the first place. Make sure the subject line is interesting and exciting yet to-the-point. For example: “Free”, “Discount”, “Sale” are automatically strong words to entice readers to open your Email.

–       Your readers are likely scanning your text to find something interesting to read to or to click through to your website. Make sure your headlines catch their attention.

–       As mentioned above, make sure to have your best images and graphics in your Emails.

–       Have the option for your readers to unsubscribe. We hate to see them jump ship but you also don’t want subscribers who are not interested in your products/services.

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