Web Design and Responsive Web Design Today

Web Design and Responsive Web Design Today

Web Design today has become an absolute necessity. As technology evolves, so does Web Design. Today different technology platforms such as the mobile and tablet has created Responsive Web Design.  A website now needs to be functional in order to accommodate the worldwide trend. Here are some must-haves in starting or updating your website.

Hire a top web designer who can create a presentable website that suits your needs and knows the in’s and out’s of building a website. Their knowledge is crucial in creating a top website. The Web Designer understands the importance of visual impressions as the first aspect and while the second is a back-end that includes the technical end of Web Design.

The vision of a website comes from many inspirational outlets. The style of a website, colors, typography, and the layout are some important design elements to consider. Inspiration is collecting ideas and aesthetically arranging them guided by certain principles for a specific purpose. Make sure your site is easy on the eyes, clean, uncluttered layout, and is professional. If visitors have to work hard to find specific information, they will leave. Simple navigation menu needs to be clean, clear, and an easy to understand menu. Capture your visitor’s information such as their email address with an opt-in form where the visitors enters their information in exchange for a free item or something special from the site. If you don’t capture your visitor’s information on their first visit, you will loose them forever.

Your homepage itself needs to be thought out carefully. When people visit your site they will settle into a first impression and decide whether to stay or leave within 3-8 seconds. You must use that time effectively. The visitor is not actively reading your website but rather quickly scanning headlines, navigation items, and picking out the professionalism and branding of your site.

These days everyone uses a smartphone, tablet, or both to get information. Your website needs to be responsive to these devices, platforms, and browsers that needs to work with your site grows. You need to have one website that fits to any screen size (Small+Medium+Large), desktop, tablet, and mobile. Design time for responsive web design is more time due to the three different screen sizes. You want to be certain that the look and feel of your responsive website is consistent to your desktop website. If the two are not consistent, it undermines trust and looks unprofessional. Calls-to-action is just as important as on your desktop website. Include “Click to call” or “tap to call” on your site. Ease of navigation with large buttons is also important to have. Visitors prefer large buttons and demands easy navigation.

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