90% of global online consumers want to do business with brands that share their beliefs. (Source: Edelman’s Consumer Marketing Study)


A logo is a graphic mark or symbol used to identify a person, company or organization. It is used to aid and promote instant recognition. Logos are usually either purely graphic such as symbols or icons, or they can be purely typographic, which is when the company’s name make up the logo with no additional graphic marks or symbols. This is also known as a wordmark or logotype. Your brand identity, on the other hand, is a more extensive, distinct visual look and feel that is associated with your company, and it includes your logo, along with other elements like your fonts, company colors, imagery, and so forth. Your brand identity is essentially the way you define and promote the “look and feel” of your company and how your customers perceive you.


A good logo is a key element to your company’s success. It identifies your company and its products or services, and establishes a direct relationship with your existing and potential customers by providing them an identity that they can relate to. A strong logo will always leave a lasting impression in people’s minds. Combined with a strong brand identity, your logo’s impact on your customers is even more everlasting. Your brand identity is an essential element of your business. It not only gives your company, products or services a unique identity, but also creates credibility and loyalty with your existing and potential customers, and provides you with the capacity to gain even greater market share in your industry. There are many benefits to designing a good logo alongside with developing a strong brand identity, and the unity of these two essential elements will create an even greater benefit to business, including:


By designing a good, strong logo along with a professionally developed brand identity system, and using it throughout all of your business and marketing communications, you create a strong visual message about your company to your existing and potential customers. This visual message provides your customers a polished image of your business, and a lasting impression of stability and credibility. This in turn, establishes trust and loyalty among your customers, and helps your company stay ahead of your competition.


Brands go beyond tangible benefits. A good brand will take it one step further and create an emotional bond with your customers. This emotional bond with your customers provides your company with “emotional buttons” that you can use to appeal to your existing and potential customers, and act as a “short cut” in their decision-making process. Instead of wavering between alternatives and comparing the different options that are out there when there is really no clear point of difference, your customers can instantly select your brand – because they know what it stands for.


When you’re able to differentiate your company from your competition by creating a good, strong recognizable brand that goes beyond tangible benefits and appeals to emotional, intangible benefits, you create a clear difference between your company and your competition, a difference that is difficult for your competitors to reproduce. This difference, conveyed through a strong, recognizable brand makes your company stand out from the rest of your competitors, and encourages your customers to pay a premium price for the intangible benefits they receive from identifying themselves with a brand that appeals to them emotionally, shares in their beliefs, and makes them appear cool, hip, or smart.

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  • Advertising Offers

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